Photos courtesy April Dokey, left, and The Bee Mart, right.

ELMO, Texas — A 20-foot statue of BumbleBee has landed at an Elmo, Texas, convenience store he now calls home — The Bee Mart located, at 7398 U.S. Highway 80 in rural Kaufman County.

Why BumbleBee chose Kaufman County remains a mystery, a rural mart off the Decepticons radar, perhaps, but the owner says the story continues to evolve in his mind. In short, The Bee Mart is BumbleBee's home — inside themed entirely of his liking, everything from the convenience store, to the restaurant, are black and yellow.

The owner says, as the story goes, something angered BumbleBee and he broke through the front of the convenience store, which is depicted by a mural painted on the store's facade. As the story unfolds, BumbleBee exits the convenience store and takes his place atop a 5-foot pedestal along the highway.

BumbleBee now towers 25 feet above fans and families taken to this rural stretch of U.S. Highway 80 to grab photos with the bright yellow Autobot.

His journey to Elmo wasn't short — not as far as Cybertron as most would think though — nor was it a small feat. He was crafted of car parts and metal across the globe at a metal fabrication shop in China. His journey more than 8,000 miles.

The owner says he tried to keep BumbleBee's unveiling low-key until a planned grand opening later this month but, he says, he's gone viral.

While BumbleBee may be the draw, the hook is most certainly The Bee Mart's hamburgers which, the owner says, is their specialty. And, if you find yourself there on a Tuesday, be sure to grab some $1 Taco Tuesday street tacos.

Grand Opening plans are to be determined but will be Friday, Saturday, and Sunday on an upcoming weekend. The owner says there will be plenty of activities for the kids and ample opportunity to grab a photo with BumbleBee.

With a concept in mind, and a plan for something different, we think The Bee Mart in Elmo certainly hit the mark.