MESQUITE, Texas — A rumor that quickly circulated yesterday alleging the permanent closure of Town East Mall in Mesquite is false, according to city officials.

The rumor was spread throughout social media with a photoshopped notice which depicted the City of Mesquite's logo.

"False information about Town East Mall closing was posted on various social media sites using the City of Mesquite's logo," stated the City of Mesquite in response to the rumor. "This information is not only false, but did not come from the City of Mesquite."

City of Mesquite Council member Bruce Archer called the action irresponsible, cruel, and heartless.

"Such an irresponsible action could put jobs and livelihoods at risk and hurt an entire community," he said. "I’m disgusted with anyone who would do this and spread such a mean spirited lie!"

"Whoever thought it was funny to put out a post with a fake statement from The City of Mesquite and Town East Mall stating that the Mall was closing should be ashamed of themselves!" he said.

Town East Mall, according to the City of Mesquite, is currently one of the top performing malls in the region with sales at an all-time high.

The mall recently added Dick's Sporting Good and high-end retailer James Avery Artisan Jewelry.