Details for Senior Connect is hiring center cook


Senior Connect, the non-profit responsible for delivering Meals on Wheels in Kaufman County, is hiring. Please email for an application



Job Purpose

                The cook is responsible for following agency recipes in preparing meals for clients.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Prepare or direct preparation of all foods indicated on approved menus following standardized recipes and methods of preparation
  • Requisition of food and supplies for daily needs
  • Assist in maintaining inventory for ordering raw food and food service supplies
  • Insure all food stock is marked, dated and rotated properly
  • Schedule food preparation so that items do not sit for long periods of time before serving
  • Estimate food requirements and control serving portions, eliminating waste and leftovers
  • Check equipment and cooking area frequently to insure safety and sanitation requirements are maintained
  • Clean and oversee cleaning of kitchen and dining area and equipment to include oven, vent-a-hood, freezer, refrigerator, shelves, walls, drawers, meals-on-wheels coolers, steam tables, pantry, storage rooms
  • Check and records temperature of food prior to serving
  • Check and records temperature in freezer and refrigerator daily
  • Prepare a sample meal daily, date lid, and freeze; keep sample meals rotated
  • Package or oversee packaging of food for home delivery
  • Serve congregate meals
  • Attend all cook’s meetings
  • Prepare route sheet for home delivery in absence of site director
  • Oversee meal pick up by volunteers and assure delivery in absence of center director
  • Record meal count on posting sheets in absence of site director
  • Other duties as assigned or needed


  • A current and valid Texas driver’s license and access to a vehicle if van is inoperable or unavailable
  • Must maintain driving record in good standing
  • Ability to read and interpret maps and schedules
  • Ability to follow verbal and written instructions
  • Must have knowledge of basic kitchen and food preparation procedures
  • Must have knowledge of health standards of food safety and kitchen sanitation
  • Must have knowledge of commercial kitchen equipment and materials usage
  • Must be able to lift a minimum of 50 pounds with minimal effort following required safety guidelines
  • Possess and exhibit high standards of personal cleanliness and hygiene (wear clean apron; wear hairnet/caps)
  • Must be able to work with other staff, supervisors and suppliers
  • Job will require working under stress when confronted with emergency situations in which working with speed is essential