CRANDALL, Texas — The father of a Crandall man charged with sexual assault of a child in connection with his work at a Mesquite church is now facing similar charges.

65-year-old Larry Allen Winn of Dallas, Texas, was arrested after the Mesquite Police Department received a report he sexually assaulted a teenage girl when she was 16 years old. The sexual assault allegedly occurred three years ago.

The report came the same day Winn's son, 33-year-old Steven Aaron Winn of Crandall, Texas, was arrested and charged with multiple counts of sexual assault of a child -- Feb. 27, 2018. He was later arrested on March 1, 2018, and charged with one count of sexual assault of a child in Dallas County with a bond of $25,000.

Larry Winn was a bus director at the Open Door Baptist Church in Mesquite, Texas, where the victim was a member, according to police. He was on staff for several years.

"Due to Winn’s level of access to children, investigators believe there may be additional victims," stated Mesquite Police Department spokesperson Lt. Brian Parrish.

Steven Winn is accused of having an ongoing relationship with a teenage girl over the course of the last 14 months while she was 15 and 16 years old. The teenager was a student at the church's christian school where Winn served as an assistant youth pastor.

Anyone with additional information involving Larry or Steven Winn are asked to contact the Mesquite Police Department at (972) 285-6336.