TERRELL, Texas — A Terrell woman was arrested earlier today and now faces multiple charges in connection with a dog attack on several children earlier this month.

At 7:45 a.m. on May 10, 2019, a brown and white pit bull attacked several children as they awaited their school bus at the entrance of the Heather Lane Apartments in Terrell. Eight of those children were injured and some of them were transported to area hospitals with various injuries.

Police and animal control officers had been unable to locate the dog or identify its owner until asking for the public's assistance in the case on Wednesday. After receiving several leads, police identified the owner of the dog earlier today as Kathy Fuller.

Fuller was arrested on an unrelated charge out of the Terrell Police Department for simple assault and Kaufman Police Department charges for failure to appear, no drivers license, and no liability insurance when unlicensed.

Fuller was interviewed by detectives and the location of the dog was provided. Shortly thereafter, Terrell Animal Control officers picked up the dog.

The dog did not initially display signs of rabies but will remain under mandatory quarantine while animal control continues investigating the dog's medical history, according to the Terrell Police Department.

In connection with the dog attack, Fuller has additionally been charged with interference with public duties, a misdemeanor, tampering with physical evidence, a felony, and cited for dangerous dog. Police say other related offenses are being investigated.

"This case is still being investigated and further arrests may be made regarding any other people’s involvement of a criminal nature," read a statement from the Terrell Police Department.

Police are also coordinating with the victims on the dog's condition, medical history, and rabies quarantine.