MESQUITE, Texas – A Mesquite resident has claimed a $1 million Texas Lottery scratch ticket prize.

The $1 million winning was a second-tier prize in the Texas Lottery's scratch ticket game Instant Millionaire — the 19th of 40 second-tier prizes worth $1 million in the game.

The claimant, who did not elect to remain anonymous and was identified as Mesquite resident Theresia M. Carty, purchased the winning ticket at Best for Less located at 1066 Pioneer Road in Mesquite.

“It was an overwhelming feeling of disbelief, but a feeling of total happiness,” Carty said about the winning experience. “I kept staring at it [the ticket], read the game instructions to make sure I really won, and then I called my husband, who was still at work.”

Carty says this isn't her first streak of luck with the Texas Lottery, claiming to have won smaller prizes, including a $500 prize.

"With her latest prize winnings, Carty plans to pay off bills, set up a trust for her three sons, and invest," she told the Texas Lottery.

In addition to the 40 second-tier $1 million prizes, Instant Millionaire offers more than $519 million in total prizes, including 10 top prizes of $2.5 million. Overall odds of winning any prize in the game are one in 3.20, including break-even prizes, according to the Texas Lottery.