Credit: GoFundMe

FORNEY, Texas — The community is rallying to raise funds for a Forney businesswoman's styloidectomy procedure in Colorado — a rare surgery to remove the styloid bones just below her ears to relieve pressure on her jugular veins.

The pressure, according to the GoFundMe Page, is causing intercranial hypertension and internal jugular vein stenosis which causes Erin Salerno, the owner of Dancing Ovations in Forney, Texas, to have continuous headaches, memory loss, seizures, fainting, dangerously low heart rates, insomnia, ringing in her ears, pain in her neck, coughing, difficulty breathing, and cervical instability. Not proceeding with the surgery could result in stroke, meningitis, and could possibly be fatal.

Salerno has seen 23 neurologists and three cardiologist in Texas. Due to the rare condition, she will have to travel to Denver, Colorado, for treatment.

"If you feel led, please consider donating to help with expenses towards this much needed surgery," stated Stephanie Lewis, who organized the GoFundMe Page. "Erin has an 18 year old daughter McKenna and many beautiful girls in her dance studio that she inspires everyday. She will win this fight, she just needs a little help."

Many on the GoFundMe Page described Salerno as selfless, caring, and giving.

"I'm so grateful to everyone who is praying and sharing and working hard to help me," read, in part, an update from Salerno on the GoFundMe Page. "I love you all more than I can say. I believe God is working to teach me to receive help and not always be the giver. That's a tough one."

"I thank you all so much and wish love and blessings to you all. I'm truly humbled."

In addition to the GoFundMe, a community garage sale has been organized for this Saturday, October 23, 2021, at the Dancing Ovations parking lot from 8 a.m. until 2 p.m.

For more information, an additional update from Salerno, or to give to the GoFundMe account, visit the GoFundMe Page, here.