KAUFMAN, TEXAS — The Kaufman County Courthouse will remain open despite four employees who have tested positive for COVID-19.

In a statement released by county judge Hal Richards this morning, the county says that all four employees have been quarantined. has confirmed that two of those employees were part of the building’s janitorial staff while the other employees work in the district attorney’s office.

“Employees are monitored for COVID-19 symptoms and not allowed to work if exhibiting symptoms,” the statement read.

Numerous courthouse employees speaking to on background says that the county is no longer monitoring employees. Temperature screenings for courthouse employees were discontinued early last week by order of Judge Richards, they say.

A Kaufman County Sherriff’s office spokesman confirmed that their deputies had been instructed to discontinue checking employees before being admitted to the courthouse. The general public will continue to have temperature checks prior to entering the building.

Judge Richards declined’s invitation for comment.