FORNEY, Texas — A Forney native, and graduate of Forney High School, writes about her journey and struggles with multiple pregnancy losses in an upcoming book, Joy in Suffering.

The author, Rosemary Pope, says the book reminds families and women suffering with pregnancy loss they can hold to God's promises and find comfort and support in those around them to find joy in their suffering.

Rosemary Pope and her husband, Bobby Pope, are both graduates of Forney High School, 2006 and 2005, respectively, and have been married for 12 years. During that time, Rosemary says they have had seven children — four Heavenly babies and three on Earth, ages six, four, and one.

"I have experienced early miscarriages, late pregnancy losses, struggled with infertility, and have brought healthy, lively babies into the world," she told She talks of those struggles, including carrying another child who was deemed "incompatible with life," and their family's reliance on the joy of the Lord to give their family strength.

The Popes have since moved to East Texas where together, she says, "we raise and homeschool our three living children, soaking up the blessings of life."

Pope says she felt the need to share her story with the world after attending a women's conference in October 2017. Her husband agreed.

She began writing in January 2018, three chapters over the next three months, and, once signed with a publisher, completed the book by her August deadline.

"I was reliving the past as I wrote, while still raising the kids I have now," she said. "Several times it was like I was still in the past, then I'd come to reality when I'd hear my kids call my name, or ask me for a snack."

"To say it was a time of reflection is an understatement."

"Though it was a rough season for us, we relied on the joy of the Lord to give us strength," she said. "We were not strong on our own, it was through the help of family and friends holding us together that we truly felt God's peace that passes all understanding."

Joy in Suffering is currently at the printing press in preparation for a March 1, 2019, launch date. The book can be pre-ordered at

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