Photo courtesy Kaytlyn Fishback.

FORNEY, Texas — On April 21, 2020, 88-year-old Hollis and 86-year-old Pattie Griffin will celebrate their 69-year wedding anniversary.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing measures, family members celebrated this year's anniversary with the Griffins by assembling a small-vehicle parade by the couple's downtown Forney home.

"We are trying to show them in every way how much we love them!," Madison Fishback, a family member, told

Married in Dallas in 1951, the Griffins moved to Forney in 2002 and have lived in the same house since.

"You have times when it's hard and you have times when it's better," said Pattie on their secret to a long marriage. "That's all it is."