PrideRock Wildlife Refuge

TERRELL, Texas — PrideRock Wildlife Refuge, a Terrell-area refuge for exotic animals, is mourning the loss of 30-year-old lioness, Keisha.

"We come to you today with heartbreaking news," read a statement from PrideRock Monday morning. "This past weekend we lost our fierce lioness, Keisha. This has been a hard loss to swallow, especially because we welcomed Keisha as a cub 30 years ago."

"Keisha lived a good, long life for a lion," according to the refuge which stated lions, outside of captivity, typically live between 10 and 14 years. "However, it doesn’t make it easy to lose one of your fur babies."

"Keisha was our 'little tank' because she was so strong and stout. She made her presence known and it was very apparent that Keisha was the boss here at PrideRock."

PrideRock Wildlife Refuge was established in 1992, by owners Gary and Carol Holliman, just northeast of Terrell, Texas. The refuge, which has conducted rescues from California to West Virgina, has housed more than 70 animals including big cats, wolf hybrids, bears, a hyena, and numerous rescued dogs, according to the refuge's website.

"We will miss you, Keisha, but hope that you are living your best life across the rainbow bridge," continued this morning's statement from the refuge.

For more information about the PrideRock Wildlife Refuge, visit their website, here.