KEMP, Texas — A man was cited and ordered to clean an illegal dumpsite in the Kemp area after discard mail led deputies to his doorstep.

County officials have also purchased and deployed high-definition game cameras to fight a rise in illegal dumping in southern Kaufman County.

In the latest incident, a Kaufman County Sheriff's Office deputy, assigned to the Environmental Unit, located an illegal dumping site on August 5, 2019, in an open lot next to the Kaufman County Precinct 4 Eco-Station.

"The dumpsite contained remnants of a household remodel, three trash bags containing household trash, and household appliances," read a statement from the Kaufman County Sheriff's Office.

"Upon inspection of the trash bag's contents, the deputy located a piece of mail with an address in the Kemp area," continued the statement. "The deputy located property and owner who admitted the items at the dumpsite appeared to come from his rental property."

The property owner was cited for a class C misdemeanor violation of Chapter 365, Section 365.012 of the Texas Health and Safety Code, illegal dumping and disposing, and ordered to clean the refuse dumped from his property.

To help combat the rise of illegal dumping, Kaufman County Precinct 4 Commissioner Ken Cates says his office has purchased high-definition game cameras to be deployed by the Kaufman County Sheriff's Office's Environmental Unit.

"These cameras will capture quality images of dumping around our precinct," he said.

"My precinct Road and Bridge Crews spend far too much time and money cleaning up after illegal dumpers in our area," stated Kates. "...Our goal is to locate illegal dump sites and to identify anyone that dumps trash, old furniture, and even brush on our county right of ways."

"I truly appreciate the great fieldwork of the Environmental Deputy who identified the responsible party for a major dumping violation that occurred outside of Kemp.”

If you see illegal dumping or have information on someone who may have committed the act, call the Kaufman County Sheriff's Officer (469) 376-4500.