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  • Diversity Index: 77.77
  • Total undergraduate enrollment: 7,064
  • White: 2,518 (35.6%)
  • Hispanic: 1102 (15.6%)
  • Black or African American: 471 (6.7%)
  • Asian: 1,529 (21.6%)
  • Nonresident: 649 (9.2%)
  • Other races: 764 (10.8%)

Stanford University, located in California, is known for its proximity to Silicon Valley and its robust business and technology curricula. The university has also been recognized for its commitment to diversity. In fact, roughly one in five students at Stanford is Asian, and students who identify as Hispanic or nonresident are well-represented, too. In addition, 10.8 percent identify as another race, the highest percentage on this list. The university offers 50 diversity-related activities, support centers, and organizations for its students, including the Black Community Services Center, the Diversity and First-Gen Office, and the Native American Cultural Center.

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