Hunter Munnerlyn,

FORNEY, Texas — The Forney City Council discussed and acted upon a number of items during their regularly-scheduled meeting on Tuesday night, May 5, 2020.

One of the major discussion points Tuesday night was any action on the city's current closure of city parks and facilities due to COVID-19. Following a general consensus of the council, the city parks and facilities will remain closed until further review at the council's next meeting, expected on May 19, 2020. Walking trails, however, will remain open.

In a single motion, the council approved six consent agenda items — approval of the quarterly investment report; approval of a revised site plan a the Forney ISD administration building to add a new access point and handicap parking; acceptance of public improvements for Villages of Fox Hollow Phase 5B; authorization to seek bids for electrical improvements at Pump Station No. 2; two supplemental agreements for street lighting service with Oncor in Gateway Parks Phase 3 & 6 and Park Trails Phase 3; and authorization to seek bids for drainage improvements at Forney Fire Station No. 2.

Council held a discussion item to review the effects of the City of Forney's juvenile curfew ordinance.

According to Forney Police Department Chief Mica Lunt, since the passage of the juvenile curfew ordinance in November 2018, there have been eight calls for service where enforcement action was considered — two of those calls for service resulted in citations being issued, three involved verbal warnings, and the other three were determined to not fall within the guidelines of the curfew.

Lunt says, although it is not a tool utilized frequently by officers, it is an excellent tool to have, nevertheless.

The city council will need to once again review the juvenile curfew prior to its three-year expiration in November 2021 before considering extending the ordinance. The council will also be required to hold a public hearing at that time.

A public hearing was held to consider a voluntary annexation request for 201.764 acres of land owned by Royse World Land, LP, which is associated with the Gateway development. City Attorney John Thatcher said the landowners, once approved, would petition to bring the property within the TIRZ district. The two tracts of property are generally located on opposite sides of Helms Trail just north of Plantation Ridge.

The voluntary annexation request was unanimously approved.

In the council's first action item, the council approved awarding a bid proposal in the amount of $227,874.74 to GTI Contracting for an outside plant optical fiber backbone infrastructure to replace the city's current consumer-grade wireless point-to-point system. The capacity of the current system has been exceeded and lacks the bandwidth and stability needed for the future needs of the city, according to City of Forney IT Director Neil Cardwell. The bid came in under the $300,000 which was originally budgeted.

The fiber optic infrastructure will connect all the city's facilities except the Forney Fire Department Station No. 2 which, at this time, was cost prohibitive due the its distance from the closest city facility and the need to traverse U.S. Highway 80.

The council adjourned into a closed-door executive session to discuss, according to the council's listed agenda, three items: PUC Docket No. 46662; SOAH Docket No. 473-17-4964.WS – Petition of the Cities of Garland, Mesquite, Plano and Richardson Appealing the Decision by North Texas Municipal Water District Affecting Wholesale Water Rates; PUC Docket No. 47814; SOAH Docket No. 46-18-1344.WS – Petition of High Point Water Supply Corporation, Talty Special Utility District and Markout Water Supply Corporation Appealing the Decision by the City of Forney Affecting Wholesale Water Rates; and 2020 Special Events contract terms and conditions.

The council adjourned executive session and returned to open session at 8:13 p.m. without any further action and the meeting was adjourned.