TERRELL, Texas – First-term Congressman Lance Gooden announced his re-election campaign highlighting President Trump’s many accomplishments and the need to take back the US House:

“Representing East Texas in Washington has been a true honor," said Congressman Gooden. "Since taking office, I’ve fought to secure the border, protect life, pursue sound economic policy, and protect America’s standing in the world. In doing so I proudly and unapologetically stand with President Donald J. Trump. Never before have we seen a president deliver on his promises like he has.

The president promised to appoint conservative justices to the Supreme Court where Justices Gorsuch and Kavanaugh now preside. He promised to be pro-Israel and moved the US embassy to Jerusalem. He promised a strong economy and delivered major tax cuts along with record lows in unemployment for veterans and minorities.

America needs four more years of President Trump, despite what Hollywood elites and radical socialists profess in the liberal media. I’m announcing my re-election campaign to enthusiastically support President Trump in 2020, continue working with his administration to protect and build on its historic accomplishments, and help take back the US House from Democrats.

Since Democrats took over in Congress, we’ve seen nothing but obstructionism, impeachment witch hunts, and a dangerous, unprecedented push toward socialism. Radical and unrealistic policies like the Green New Deal and open borders threaten our American way of life.

2020 will be a fight for our children’s future. We must retake the House and continue to deliver on President Trump’s agenda. No one can afford two more years of Democrat dysfunction.

I promise you I’ll continue to represent the values that make Texas great – economic freedom, personal liberty, low taxes, and small government.”