KAUFMAN COUNTY, Texas — After a recount of the unconventional votes in the race for Kaufman County Court at Law No. 1 earlier today, the results tallied on election night remain unchanged with incumbent Dennis Jones leading by one against challenger Tracy Booker Gray — 5,477 to 5,476, respectively.

Following the recount, the Gray campaign issued a statement expressing concerns about the number of unconventional and provisional ballots that were not counted, the review of which was not part of the recount process conducted earlier today.

As votes began to tally on election day, Gray led early voting by 2,989 to 2,977 votes and election day voting by 2,227 to 2,096 votes. In absentee ballots, Jones led 404 to 260, enough for a one vote lead.

The recount Wednesday morning focused on the unconventional ballots such as, among others, absentee ballots, provisional ballots that were accepted by the ballot board, mail-in ballots, or otherwise "spoiled ballots" that were rejected by a voting machine, and did not recount votes successfully submitted by a voting machine.

"After examining the ballots that were accepted by the ballot board, we are satisfied with the original vote totals for those ballots," stated a release from the Gray campaign.

"However, there are many moving parts to an election, and each must work just right to reflect the will of the electorate," stated the release. "In an election with a margin as small as ours, the process of verifying the results is integral. But there are some results that cannot be verified within the legally proscribed confines of a recount, which may only cover ballots already counted."

"We are concerned with the numerous ballots that were not counted, the review of which are not part of the recount process," stated the release. "We are looking into these votes and our future options."

"Our campaign respects the democratic process and is endeavoring to complete the review of those results as swiftly as possible for the benefit of  the process and all involved," continued the release.

The primary election results are expected to be certified later this week.

"We would like to thank all the volunteers that spent the day helping us with the recount process," the release concluded. "We would also like to recognize Brenda Samples and her staff for their professionalism and courtesy in allowing us to examine ballots, some of which were not available to us prior to today.  Their commitment to a transparent election process is to be applauded."

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