KAUFMAN COUNTY, Texas — Kaufman County and Forney Independent School District residents handily approved bond referendums during the November 5, 2019, election, this according to unofficial election results released by Kaufman County.

According to the Texas Secretary of State, Kaufman County has 74,265 registered voters on the rolls. 11,594 ballots were cast including 647 mail-in ballots, 4,862 in early voting, 6,035 on election day, and 50 provisional.

Kaufman County's Proposition A, which calls for $104.1 million for transportation improvements, passed with 8,634 votes for the referendum and 2,838 votes against, or approximately 75%.

Kaufman County's Proposition B, which calls for $50 million for the construction of a new $37-million Kaufman County Justice Center and various improvements to the county's facilities throughout the county, passed with 7,304 votes for the referendum and 4,110 votes against, or approximately 64%.

The Forney Independent School District proposed a $623 million facilities bond to address the district's ever-growing enrollment. It passed with 3,352 votes for and 1,255 votes against, or approximately 73%.

Crandall voters, 218 to 205, voted to approve Proposition A — which calls for the appointment of a commission to begin the process of creating a new city charter. If approved by the city council at a later date, the City of Crandall will transition from a General Law city to a Home Rule city, governed by a charter.

Becker-Jiba Water Supply Corporation voters approved, 173 to 96, the conversion of the corporation to a Special Utility District (SUD). New directors were also voted to serve one, two, and three year terms.

A proposal to increase ad valorem taxes in Kaufman County Emergency Services Dsitrict 6 failed at the polls. The proposition aimed to increase the district's rate by 10 cents per $100 valuation — which collected taxes to fund fire protection and emergency medical services within the district. There were 1,019 votes for and 1,281 against.

Kaufman County Special Assistance District 2 was approved with a single vote for and no votes against, while Kaufman County Special Assistance District 3 failed with 21 votes for and 26 votes against.

Kaufman County Fresh Water Supply District No. 7 proposal to create and function as a road district was approved with a single vote for and zero votes against. The proposal also imposed and levied a maintenance tax not to exceed $1 per $100 home valuation.