FORNEY, Texas — Former Forney Mayor Rick Wilson has pled guilty to assault by contact, a class C misdemeanor, in connection with allegations he shoved another council member during a closed-door executive session in February.

Wilson was unseated in his re-election bid this past May.

During the executive session on February 5, 2019, Wilson stood up from his chair and shoved Council member Shaun Myers in the chest while he remained seated, this according to multiple witness statements that were released after the disposition of the case on May 24, 2019.

Those witness statements and an incident report narrative were previously withheld from public release due to pending prosecution, the City of Forney stated in response to an inForney.com records request.

The executive session on the night of the incident included an agenda item discussing the recent employment of then-Assistant City Manager Wendle Medford.

During that discussion, Council member Mike Thomas produced a printed Facebook comment from Rick Wilson’s wife, Sandra, which made claims about the employment of Medford. Some of the council members asked if there should be an internal investigation to confirm the validity of the claims.

When further asked about the statement, Wilson responded with, “I’m not going to answer your f- - - - question. You’re an idiot,” according to multiple witness statements.

It was shortly after this verbal exchange that Wilson is said to have shoved Myers.

The next day, Forney Police Department Chief Robert Sherwin and Lt. Eudy went to Wilson’s business to interview him regarding the incident. Wilson declined to provide a statement but did say that the incident was “provoked,” according to an incident report narrative.

Over the next couple of days, police obtained statements from other members of the council who were present during the incident.

On February 11, 2019, Wilson was issued a citation for simple assault.

According to court records, obtained by inForney.com, Wilson’s attorney, John Clement, entered a plea of guilty to assault by contact in the Precinct 2 Justice of the Peace’s court. Wilson was placed on 90 days deferred adjudication and ordered to pay $67 in court cost, a $2 transaction fee, and a $239 fine.