KAUFMAN COUNTY, Texas — House District 4 Representative Lance Gooden is calling on Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and Governor Greg Abbott to investigate claims of voter fraud, corruption, and ballot harvesting after a lawsuit was filed earlier this week contesting the election for Kaufman County Court at Law No. 1.

"As you well know, the integrity of our electoral process maintains the bedrock of our republic, but when voter trust fails, so does our grand experiment," stated Gooden in his letter to Paxton and Abbott.

"I have surprisingly learned there's no one in Texas with the job of ensuring the integrity of our elections," he stated. "That's why I'm calling for an immediate and formal investigation into this alleged abuse of democracy."

"I ask that you take time to review the evidence and alleged charges," he stated. "If you determine, as I have, probable cause of wrongdoing exists, please levy the full authority and influence of your office to see justice is done."

In an email to supporters, Gooden says allegations of ballot harvesting has "plagued" Terrell elections since the 90s.

"...election margins were never close enough for anyone to bother spending the time and money investigate and actually pursue these rumors," he stated. "Additionally, the fear of being labeled a 'sore loser' discouraged many candidates from wanting to rock the boat."

Gooden's email to supporters:

"Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for your continued support of our WINNING campaign! This week we’ve announced endorsements from pro-life champions Texas Alliance for Life, law enforcement leader and Anderson County Sheriff Greg Taylor, and the Texas Farm Bureau! While my opponent announces more endorsements from out of the district, we are focusing on people and groups who actually matter!

Part of the reasons for our strong success earlier this month was my PROVEN CONSERVATIVE RECORD that includes passing strong voter ID legislation and fighting fraud at the ballot box. I’m the only candidate in the race with any experience and real accomplishments that are necessary to successfully fight the swamp creatures in Washington.

Speaking of voter fraud, earlier today I sent a letter to our Attorney General and Governor asking for their help in fighting a cancer that I believe has plagued Terrell elections for decades. Rumors and allegations of ballot harvesting have persisted since the 90s, but election margins were never close enough for anyone to bother spending the time and money to investigate and actually pursue these rumors. Additionally, the fear of being labeled a “sore loser” discouraged many candidates from wanting to rock the boat.

Earlier this week, a Kaufman County judicial candidate who lost by ONE VOTE finally did what many of us had been hoping someone would do for years: she paid investigators to research allegations, filed a lawsuit, and is demanding that fraud be rooted out from the source. I welcome her pursuit of justice, and am shocked that Party officials have displayed an offensive lack of leadership.

I’m very disappointed in our Republican AND Democratic County Chairmen for failing to insist on integrity at the ballot box, and I’m calling on the Governor and Attorney General to help end this nonsense once and for all. Please read my letter below and join me as we fight to ensure that ballot fraud is a thing of the past and criminals go to jail, while incompetent Party leaders (who run our Party primaries) are retired from office.

I will keep you informed as new developments arise. Thank you for your continued support and have a very happy and restful Easter Weekend.


Lance Gooden"