KAUFMAN, Texas — New-comer challenger Tommy Moore handily defeated Kaufman County Precinct 4 Commissioner Ken Cates in the Republican Primary Run-off Election on Tuesday, this according to unofficial election results published by the county.

According to the unofficial results, Moore obtained 64.05% of the total vote, or 1,329 votes, to Cates' 35.95%, or 746 votes.

During the March Primary, Moore had secured the most votes in the three-legged race between himself, Cates, and David Archer. Moore secured 1,572, or 45.83%, of the votes but fell short of the 50% requirement to forego a run-off election. Cates had 1,170 votes, or 34.11%, and David Archer had 688, or 20.06%, of the votes.

"Your voice was heard loud and clear!" read a statement from Moore on his campaign page. "I am so thankful for everyone’s support over these last few months. I look forward to getting to work in January for all of my friends and neighbors in Pct. 4. I am honored and humbled. Many thanks to all of you!"

Multiple Republican Precinct Chair races were on the May 24 ballot.

In Precinct 7, Jason Kaup defeated Steve Booker with 61.06% of the vote; in Precinct 9, chuck Shepard defeated Judy Schoen with 50.86%; in Precinct 10, Pam Orman Corder defeated Keli Anderson with 66.34%; in Precinct 11, Ray Myers defeated Sean Gee with 91.26%; in Precinct 13, Casey Bingham defeated Stan Kapp with 50.63%; in Precinct 14, Johnson Kuruvilla defeated J.J. Tarno with 53.45%; in Precinct 16, Jody Deller defeated Valerie Villareal with 56.39%; in Precinct 19, Bruce Wood defeated Kathy Baker with 59.09%; in Precinct 21, Nancy Crow defeated Ann King with 67.57%; in Precinct 22, Larry F. Vrzalik defeated Bailey McCormack with 76.47%; and in Precinct 24, Bob Pappy Werner defeated Joy Weaver with 53.61%.