📷: 1899 “St. Louis” car, courtesy Missouri History Museum

FORNEY, Texas — October 5, 2021, marked the 121-year anniversary of the first recorded automobile trip in the State of Texas, which was from Dallas to Terrell.

"On October 5, 1899, Edward Howland Robinson Green, president of the Texas-Midland Railroad, embarked on a trip from Terrell to Dallas in his newly acquired “St. Louis” gas-powered horseless carriage, accompanied by the car’s designer, George P. Dorris," the Texas Historical Commission stated yesterday.

The 35-mile trip took about five-and-a-half hours along roads designed for horse-drawn vehicles.

The historic first trek paved way for two other historical events in the state after the automobile crashed in Forney — making it the first recorded automobile wreck in the state. Coincidentally, the wreck created the first automobile mechanic, local blacksmith Reeves Henry, who made needed repairs to the vehicle for the trip to Terrell to be complete.

"This pioneering adventure paved the way for the transforming impact of automobile culture on the state," stated the commission.

In 1990, a historical marker was placed in downtown Forney's Bell Park, near where Henry made the vehicle repairs.

Visit the Spellman Museum of Forney History for more historical facts on Forney. Also, you can visit their website, here.