Cordell's Farm & Ranch Store Celebrates 40 years

Four generations contribute to the success of 40 years in business at Cordell's Farm & Ranch Store in Kaufman. 

KAUFMAN, Texas — The largest and oldest family owned and operated feed store in Kaufman County is celebrating 40 years of business this weekend with a celebration that will honor their past, the present and their future.

Cordell’s Farm and Ranch Store was established in Kaufman in 1979 by Jerry and Glenda Cordell. Located on the site of the Nash Grain Company, the business was a welcomed addition to the county’s booming agricultural economy at the time.

In the early years, Cordell’s operation included a seed cleaning plant and feed mixing facility on properties adjacent to the store that they still operate out of today. Vital to the area’s agribusiness, farmers and ranchers were heavily dependent on Cordell’s and their wide range of products and services to sustain their own families and businesses.

With time and growth, Cordell’s saw the decline in the number of Kaufman County farms and ranches, and helped welcome new houses, retail and commercialization to the county. Eventually the seed processing plant and storage facilities were demolished to make way for grocery stores and retail.

“Over the years, the business has changed directions as the needs of the customers and community have changed,” says Leanne Cordell Day, who along with her husband, Leland, bought the business from her parents in 2006.

“There is less farming and more housing additions,” Day says. “We have changed from buying grain raised by farmers, cleaning the seed and reselling it to selling propane to consumers for their barbeque grills.”

Days modesty about Cordell’s current operation is admirable.

Today the store draws customers from near and far for their unique and expansive offerings in bulk seeds, fertilizers, plant food, feeds and supplies. Local gardeners and vegetable growers can count on the largest selection of lawn and garden supplies and materials along with generations of knowledge and expertise. Cordell’s offers all the supplies needed and provides education for those wanting to start or continue to raise chickens. From homemade jewelry and gifts to propane and live algae eating Tilapia, Cordell’s can rival or beat any big box store in the area the Day family says.

“We are more than just feed and seed. We know our customers can buy these products at any big box store or off the internet, therefore we know they come to us for advice and customer service that comes with 40 years of experience,” Day tells

Leanne and Leland’s son, Caleb, joined the family business in 2003. He and his wife, Kaitey, welcomed their first child late last year. The new addition to the family, Baby Cooper, means now a fourth generation will be involved in Cordell’s legacy of customer service and future.

Looking forward, Cordell’s is launching a new private label dog food to add to their inventory. The line is locally produced in Texas and is available beginning this Saturday in three different formulas, including a grain free option. Dog owners themselves, the Day’s understand and appreciate those that want to ensure quality products and ingredients for their pets.

After 40 years, Day says she can only attribute their success and sustainability to one consistent factor.

“Our customers, “ Day says thoughtfully. “After this long, they are not just customers, these are all our friends. They are the reason we are still here.”

Cordell’s is hoping to greet old friends and meet new ones at their anniversary celebration this Saturday, February 23 from 10 AM to 1 PM. Refreshments, product samples and giveaways are planned. C.E.U. are also available to private pesticide applicators. Cordell Farm & Ranch Store is located at 701 E. Mulberry Street in Kaufman.