Terrell Annexation

Citizens are organizing together to fight the Terrell City Council and a proposed annexation of hundreds of acres outside the city limits.

TERRELL, Texas — The Terrell City council will hold its second public hearing of a proposed annexation plan to expand the city's boundaries at its major entrances along Interstate 20, US Highway 80 and State Highway 205 and State Highway 34 to the chagrin of local land owners.

The council is scheduled to hold their second public hearing on the proposed annexation on Tuesday, August 20 at 7PM, during the council’s regular scheduled meeting, according to the meeting’s posted agenda. 

An official vote on the proposed annexation is expected in September, according to city officials.

The city held its first public hearing on the issue this past Thursday night at city hall. Attendance was so great that closed circuit televisions and overflow seating was provided in the bays of the fire department. And while the city tried to make overflow arrangements and visibly increased security, some residents were still turned away after the city Fire Marshall declared the meeting was at capacity. Lots of citizens took the opportunity to address the council and voice their opposition to the annexation plans.

“We must be mindful of the growth that is occurring in and around Terrell. We want to continue the positive momentum associated with growth. When considering the annexations along Interstate 20, State Highway 34, State Highway 205 and US Highway 80, the council’s primary concern was protecting entryways into the city,” Terrell mayor Rick Carmona said in a statement released by the city.

Several citizens who could be impacted by Terrell’s latest annexation have vowed to file suit against the city if the council votes to proceed and are encouraging their neighbors to attend the public hearings.