CRANDALL, Texas — A Crandall Independent School District (ISD) student was arrested overnight after making a threat to social media relating to Crandall High School, according to the district.

The latest threat comes a week after a threat was discovered written on a wall at Crandall High School.

"Once again, we will not tolerate threats made to our staff and students," stated the district. "We take all threats, including social media threats to be serious in nature."

Following an investigation, the district says the student was arrested, charged with terroristic threat by police, and will face additional disciplinary action based on the district's student code of conduct.

"This is an excellent opportunity to talk with your students about the seriousness of these actions," continued the district. "While some students may post things, or share things, intending to be funny, we take any and all threats to the safety of our students and staff seriously."

"Our students' safety is our utmost priority, and together we will continue to make Crandall ISD the safest learning environment possible."