FORNEY, Texas — The Federal Bureau of Investigations is remaining mum on details of a raid at a Forney home on Thursday morning.

Several area residents awoke to the sound of flash bangs, handheld throw-able explosive devices which produce a loud bang and emit a blinding flash of light, as agents raided the house in the 200 block of Patriot Parkway just before 6 a.m. on Thursday, January 16, 2020.

The FBI confirmed their presence on Patriot Parkway but, otherwise, provided little details on the raid.

"I can confirm that the FBI was lawfully present in the 200 block of Patriot Parkway in Forney, Texas," FBI-Dallas spokesperson Melinda Urbina told inForney.com "We were there conducting law enforcement activity."

"As this is an on-going investigation, I cannot provide further details," she stated.

Police radio traffic indicated one person was evaluated at the scene for an apparent epileptic seizure and one in-custody person was later transported by Forney police as an "other-agency transport."

The Forney Police Department referred comment to the FBI as their role at the scene was "merely served in an assistance capacity," Chief Micah Lunt stated, in response to an inForney.com inquiry.