FORNEY, Texas — Last June, Governor Abbott worked with the Texas Education Agency (TEA) and the Texas School Safety Center (TxSSC) to create a set of actions to improve safety at all Texas public schools. Forney ISD has complied with all state mandates and has implemented additional actions focused on improving safety and security on and off campus.

The state-mandated actions include:

  • Conduct a Summer Targeted Partial Safety Audit
  • Conduct an Exterior Door Safety Audit
  • Convene the LEA’s Safety and Security Committee to review:
  1. the multi-hazard emergency operations plan (EOP)
  2. and, as a component of the EOP, the LEA’s active threat plan
  • Ensure all campus staff (including substitutes) are trained on their specific LEA and campus safety procedures
  • Schedule all mandatory drills for the school year
  • Ensure all threat assessment team members are trained
  • Review and, if necessary, update access control procedures
  • For the new school year, access control procedures must include exterior door sweeps (ensuring doors are closed and locked) at every instructional facility at least once each week while instruction is being conducted.

In addition to these state mandates, Forney ISD Police Chief Sanders and district

Safety and Security Coordinator, Debi Nixon, have been conducting safety training and mandate education for district police officers and school personnel. As a result, each campus is taking further proactive measures to secure the safety of their students and staff. For example, the state currently mandates weekly door audits, but the district has been conducting audits multiple times each day.

Additionally, all staff members were included in summer training, which entailed: enhanced protocols for entry into the campus, police officer visibility, daily safety and security checks, and conducting Intruder Audits over and above state mandates. CRASE (Civilian Response to an Active Shooter Event) training will also be introduced for teachers and staff.

Forney ISD and Crandall ISD Safety and Security Coordinators also initiated a coalition to collaborate with the other Kaufman County school districts.

“Our goal is to streamline responses to any type of disaster and to assist each other when new laws and mandates are imposed by the state,” said Safety and Security Coordinator Debi Nixon. “We had our first meeting, which was very successful, and we have already begun the planning process with other City, County, State and private agencies to conduct an Active Attack Exercise which will strengthen emergency response in an actual event.”

The district continues to provide a safe learning environment where students, faculty, support staff, and district property are protected. District officers strive to find innovative ways to make an impact in the lives of students through education and training.