KAUFMAN COUNTY, Texas — The Kaufman County Sheriff's Office raided two gas stations in connection with an illegal gambling investigation.

Yesterday, the sheriff's office executed search warrants at McDonald's Fuel Stop located at 11468 East Interstate 20 and the Elmo Valero at 7340 East U.S. Highway 80.

A probable cause affidavit, obtained by, alleges the gas stations and their owners were involved in gambling promotion, keeping a gambling place, and possession of gambling device, and possession of gambling paraphernalia.

Investigators had received numerous complaints about the gambling machines and cash payouts.

According to the affidavit, a Kaufman County Sheriff's Office investigator visited both gas stations in determining probably cause, while wearing audio and visual recording devices.

The investigator visited the Elmo Valero on two occasions — December 7, 2018, and December 10, 2018.

During the first visit, the investigator walked to the back of the store, which was open to the public, and located three slot machines, commonly known as 8-liners. A sign on the machines stated no money was paid and they were for entertainment purposes however, a second sign stated a cashier must be present to cash out.

During the Dec. 7 visit, the investigator played $20 in a Jade Monkey machine which registered 2,000 credits. Playing a bet of $1, or 100 credits per roll, the machine registered positive and negative credit adjustments. After playing to four credits, the investigator placed another $20 in the machine, played down to 224 credits, and then hit a bonus round, ultimately winning a total credit value of 5,684.

The investigator called over the cashier and cashed out the ticket, took it to the front cash register, and gave the investigator $56.85. The investigator placed the winnings in an envelope for evidence.

The investigator noted in the affidavit the presence of the store's owner and operator who was in the store at the time and worked on one of the slot machines.

During the second visit on Dec. 10, the investigator accumulated a credit of $22.12, cashed out his ticket, and took it to the cashier who gave him $22 in cash.

Also on December 10, 2018, the investigator visited the McDonald's Fuel Stop location and observed six slot machines on the north wall, visible from the front doors. After playing $20 in three separate sessions, the investigator accumulated 4375 credits, cashed out, and took the ticket to the cashier. The cashier handed the investigator $43 which was placed into the evidence envelope.

The search warrants, signed by 422nd District Court Judge B. Michael Chitty, authorized the seizure of gambling devices, records of gambling enterprise, prize payout records, ledgers, business records, and other gambling related materials and evidence, among other things.

Kaufman County Sheriff's Office spokesperson Jolie Stewart tells the investigation remains ongoing.

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