K-9 Rico pictured alongside two firearms seized during a traffic stop near Interstate 20 on Monday. Narcotics were also seized during the traffic stop and are subject to an ongoing narcotics investigation.

VAN ZANDT COUNTY, Texas — A traffic stop near Interstate 20 in Van Zandt County yielded one arrest and the seizure of narcotics and two firearms, one of which had an obliterated or destroyed serial number.

The Van Zandt County Sheriff's Office says the traffic stop is the result of pro-active police work after the department implemented a K-9 program to facilitate narcotics investigations and to assist with patrol efforts throughout the county.

Police did not specify the weight or type of narcotics seized during the traffic stop citing an ongoing narcotics investigation aided by the Canton Police Department and the Texas Department of Public Safety.

One of the firearms seized was an AK-style pistol spray painted gold and a handgun.

"Investigative efforts revealed the serial number of at least one weapon was obliterated or destroyed," read a statement from the department. "This is a common technique used by criminals to conceal stolen weapons from discovery."

"A federal firearms trace will be requested by the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco & Firearms (ATF) in an attempt to determine if the weapon is stolen or has been used in the commission of a violent offense," continued the statement.

"This team works diligently in the community on detecting narcotics through proven interdiction efforts," stated the department.