Terrell High School Homecoming

Terrell High School Tigerette Captain Madison Malone, and her new friend Everlie Cook, celebrating Terrell homecoming this week.

TERRELL, Texas — When Terrell High School Senior Madison Malone takes the field on Friday night it will be bittersweet.

After a weeklong of homecoming activities, rehearsals, and pep rallies, it will be her first and last homecoming performance as captain of the Terrell Tigerettes, the schools’ drill team. In the stands will be hundreds of fellow students, family, and old friends; all anxious to wowed by another kick line that is as synonymous with Tigerettes as their bright red lipstick.

Amongst the crowd will be one of Malone’s newest friends and sure to be one of her loudest fans, Everlie Cook.

Cook is a first-grade student at Gilbert Willie Elementary school. New to the district and her campus, she is experiencing her first homecoming week at Terrell ISD. On Wednesday, “Twin Day”, where students partner with a classmate to dress the same, she was left without a partner.

After Cook’s mother, Kylie Field, posted to social media that her daughter still needed a “twin”, it wasn’t long before Malone answered the call for help. 

Malone went out and bought matching shirts and accessories to be delivered to Cook’s classroom. She also made a surprise visit during lunch to meet her “twin” for the day and extended an invitation to Cook to be Malone’s VIP guest at the community pep rally.

The girls meeting was captured on video and share on the district’s social media this week. You can find it here.

“I know firsthand how it feels to be left out of something,” Malone said. “As the 'new kid' it’s hard making new friends, much less ones that you can participate in activity days with.”

Malone says her own experience as the “new kid” motivated her to reach out.

“I was scared to try to make friends, and I was in eighth grade when I came to Terrell, so I can only imagine what it’s like for a first grader,” Malone said.

Malone’s act of kindness has inspired her newfound friend and made for the perfect homecoming memory.

“Madison is an amazing young woman, and we are so thankful she made my daughter feel so special!” Cook’s mother told Terrell ISD.

“Everlie is going to be talking about this forever, she now wants to be a Tigerette just like her! She was trying to copy the dance moves in the stadium at the pep rally,” Fields said.

Malone says she’s excited about her new friendship and hopes she can continue to inspire young girls.

“I love that she now wants to be a Tigerette.” Malone says.

No matter the final score, or whether she takes home the crown as homecoming queen – for which she is also nominated – Malone says this year’s homecoming will always remain a memorable one.

“As captain, I am a Tigerette inside and outside of the gym. I am proud to represent my organization in the community and being a role model for younger girls is just one of the roles I play.”