KAUFMAN COUNTY, Texas — In an update on Monday August 3, 2020, the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS), which serves as Kaufman County's Local Health Authority, reported 1,816 total confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Kaufman County.

1,720 of those total confirmed cases are presumed recovered, bringing the current estimated active cases of COVID-19 in Kaufman County to 74.

The Texas Department of State Health Services is reporting 22 COVID-19 fatalities among Kaufman County residents.

Editor's Note: The COVID-19 case data information provided here is reported by the DSHS, which serves as Kaufman County's Local Health Authority. DSHS reports their daily case counts to Kaufman County which, at their discretion, may change or alter that data and report it in their respective daily case counts. Due to this, Kaufman County residents may see discrepancies in the daily case counts from the county and the state. Additionally, due to these discrepancies, and a recent audit which revealed a number of "overlooked" cases in Kaufman County's reporting, inForney.com will move forward using source data by DSHS for the total case count, testing, and hospitalization information and will use Kaufman County case geographical reporting data for demonstration purposes only to provide a general area of residency for COVID-19 cases. Also note, the geographical areas are defined by Kaufman County and represent only those cases in Kaufman County.

As of August 2, 2020, DSHS reported 11,294 COVID-19 tests had been performed in Kaufman County, according to provisional cumulative reporting numbers. There were 14.51 persons per 1,000 persons in the county who have tested positive for COVID-19.

The statewide testing positivity rate, as of August 2, was 13.57%.

Presumed or estimated recovery numbers represent the total confirmed cases in the county, minus any deaths, and estimates 20% of the remaining living cases required hospitalization while 80% of the remaining living cases did not, according to DSHS. Then, DSHS estimates recovery time for those hospitalized at approximately 32 days while those non-hospitalized at approximately 14 days. Those cases then fall off the estimated active case count.

The estimated active case count does not include probable cases, according to DSHS.

Residents are reminded to continue practicing proper hygiene and social-distancing measures.