TERRELL, Texas — The driver of a big rig involved in a fiery fatal crash in Terrell on August 21, 2018, was arrested this past weekend in Iowa on three counts of manslaughter.

36-year-old Jarmmal Augustine Phillips was in Waterloo, Iowa, when police officers ran Phillips' license plate on Saturday morning and discovered the manslaughter warrants, the Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier reported.

The manslaughter charges were issued in connection with a fiery fatal crash on August 21, 2018.

A Texas Peace Officer's Crash Report, obtained by inForney.com, states Phillips was the driver of a Volvo truck-tractor which was hauling a trailer eastbound on Interstate 20 in the area of mile marker 501, in the City of Terrell.

A Ford F-150, being driven by then-49-year-old Alice Little was also traveling estbound on Interstate 20, in front of Phillip's truck-tractor and trailer, when Little began to slow due to an approaching construction zone.

Another truck-tractor and trailer was in front of Little's vehicle, either slow moving or stopped, according to the report.

Phillip's then allegedly struck the back of Little's pickup truck, briefly veered over the center line, then re-entered the right side lane and struck the back of the second truck-tractor and trailer — causing Philliip's truck-tractor and Little's pickup truck to burst into flames, states the report.

Little and two other passengers in the pickup truck, identified as 77-year-old Benjamin Welch and 72-year-old Linda Welch, were all pronounced deceased at the scene.

Phillips is being held at the Black Hawk County, Iowa, Jail and is awaiting extradition to the Kaufman County Jail.