Lisa Ferdinando, DOD


KAUFMAN COUNTY, Texas — Delivery of the COVID-19 vaccination has been postponed by the state due to inclement weather, county officials announced today.

"Due to the inclement weather, the Kaufman County HUB location has not received vaccines from the State and will not be administering vaccines this week," read the statement from the county.

The Texas Department of State Health Services (TxDSHS) says the decision was made Friday to postpone the delivery of the vaccines with the winter storm on the horizon.

"No one wants to put vaccines at risk by attempting to deliver it in dangerous conditions," read a statement from the TxDSHS yesterday. "Local providers have postponed vaccine clinics where it is too dangerous for people to drive."

"We expect to resume normal operations next week and will notify individuals of appointments once confirmed," stated Kaufman County officials.

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