Kaufman County GOP elects Chairman Coby Pritchett

Coby Pritchett is sworn in as Kaufman County Republican Party Chairman by Kaufman County Court at Law Judge Tracy Gray during the GOP's meeting Thursday night. Pritchett is the youngest person in Texas to ever be elected to the job.

KAUFMAN COUNTY, Texas — Kaufman County Republican leaders made state history Thursday night as they elected a new county chairman.

In a 12-7 vote among Kaufman County Republican Precinct Chairs, Coby Pritchett was elected as Republican Party Chairman. Pritchett is the youngest Republican in Texas to be elected to the job.

Pritchett will replace recently resigned party Chairman Jimmy Weaver and fulfill his term until the 2022 Republican primary. Weaver’s declining health was responsible for his departure from the seat.

Pritchett, formerly the party’s secretary was nominated for the vacancy along with Marty Reid. Following the tally of votes, Pritchett was declared the winner and subsequently sworn in by Kaufman County Court at Law Judge Tracy Gray.

“I am honored and excited about the opportunity to serve as the next leader of the Kaufman County Republican Party,” Pritchett said.

“I am proud to be born and raised here, and I am committed to ensuring that generations of families continue to want to live and do business in Kaufman County. I look forward to working to ensure that our conservative values are represented at every level of government and that our elections are done so with integrity and fairness every time,” Pritchett tells inForney.com Thursday evening.

“I am so proud to support Coby and grateful he ran to provide real conservative leadership that is committed to protecting the integrity of our elections and keeping Kaufman County firmly in Republican hands,” United States Congressman Lance Gooden tells inForney.com following the news.

“I look forward to working with Coby as we fight for the America First agenda,” Gooden says.

Pritchett had previously served as an intern for State Representative Keith Bell in Austin.

"The future of the Republican Party of Kaufman County depends on the engagement of conservative young families," Representative Bell tells inForney.com

"I think Coby brings the energy to accomplish this task," Bell said.

Pritchett, 23, a Kaufman County native and Crandall High School graduate works as a Kaufman County Farm Bureau agent.