FORNEY, Texas — North Forney High School student was removed from campus after a possible gun, later determined to be a "toy," was discovered in their backpack.

In a letter emailed to parents, North Forney High School Principal Michael Jung says students reported seeing a possible gun in the student's backpack during class.

"The teacher immediately confiscated the backpack, and campus administration and local law enforcement were notified," stated Jung.

"Local law enforcement confirmed it was a toy," he stated. "The toy was never removed from the backpack, nor was a threat made."

Kaufman County Sheriff's Office spokesperson Jolie Stewart tells there are no criminal charges pending at this time as there was no alarm or threat to use the gun.

"FISD asks students and parents to say something if they hear or see a message that would create concern,"continued Jung. "We have a method to report through Anonymous Alerts on our website and mobile app."

"Students, parents, community, local law enforcement, and district staff form a powerful alliance in keeping everyone safe," he stated.