TERRELL, Texas — One person was airlifted from a fiery crash on Interstate 20 near Terrell on Tuesday morning.

The crash occurred on westbound Interstate 20 near Wilson Road near the eastern city limits of Terrell.

A pickup truck reportedly slammed into the back of an 18-wheeler that had slowed due to highway construction. The pickup truck engulfed in flames.

First responders say citizens used a tow strap and a truck to pry the driver's side door open to access the driver who was pinned beneath the crushed dash.

As the cab began to fill with smoke, and flames were visible from the engine compartment, the citizens and a Kaufman County Sheriff's Office deputy were able to pull the driver to safety.

On Wednesday, the Kaufman County Sheriff's Office released the deputy's body-worn camera footage.

"These individuals, without regard of their own safety were attempting to free the driver when Deputy Martin arrived; working together they eventually freed the driver," read a statement from the Kaufman County Sheriff's Office. "Without the cooperation of everyone involved, this could be a very different story."

The pickup truck driver was later taken by CareFlite medical helicopter to Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas, Texas.

The highway was closed to allow the helicopter to land.

The sheriff's office is hoping to get in contact with each of the individuals involved in Tuesday's rescue.