TERRELL, Texas — "Do the right thing, even when no one is looking," — a phrase often quoted by Terrell Police Department's Captain A.D. Sansom.

The Terrell Police Department saw action in that phrase when two Texas Department of Transportation workers found a pile of cash along the road and turned it in to the department.

That pile of cash, more than $2,000, belonged to a North Texas non-profit organization, Soul's Harbor, which provides shelter for recovering drug addicts and former inmates.

The money was in a bank bag that was inadvertently left on top of a car after the organization's assistant director fueled his vehicle at Buc-ee's in Terrell. Upon realizing the money was missing, Reggie Finch returned and searched where he believed he lost the bag, only to find several bills near a storm drain.

The money was lost on a Friday and, with torrential rains over the weekend, the money was assumed gone forever. Only, on Monday morning, Finch received a phone call from the Terrell Police Department that the money had been found.

"I was completely floored that these individuals found my money in a drainage ditch and turned it in," Finch stated on Facebook.

"A small moral choice that meant the world to that volunteer and non-profit," read a statement from TxDOT praising the employees.