TERRELL, Texas  — Current AKA Welterweight Champion & NAGA National Champion Joseph Holmes will host the first-ever Brazilian Jiu Jitsu program at Terrell ISD's ExCEL center in February and March.

The deadline to register for the program is Wednesday, January 30, 2019.

Students will have the opportunity to register for two sessions which last six weeks each. The classes are grouped by current grade level and are currently offered at $60 per student. The program will be each Friday beginning February 1.

"Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is a strategic method of self-defense. It utilizes leverage, locks and holds that can neutralize a bigger, stronger opponent. Effective self-defense skills are taught while promoting an active and healthy lifestyle for children of all experience levels," states the program's webpage.

"Students will learn when it is appropriate to use BJJ techniques, practice self-control and respect, and work as a cooperative team member. These skills will not only improve their quality of life, but can enhance performance and confidence in other sports and activities."

For more information on the program, class dates, registration, and equipment, visit the program's webpage on the Terrell ISD's ExCEL website, here.