Kaufman County Court at Law

KAUFMAN, Texas — Three teenagers from Terrell remain in custody tonight after their detention hearings today in Kaufman County with allegations of robbery and murder.

Shackled at their ankles and handcuffed, each juvenile was transferred to the Kaufman county courthouse this afternoon to appear in person before Kaufman County Court at Law Judge Tracy Gray with their attorneys.

Two of the teens, both unidentified because they are juveniles- a 14-year-old male and 15-year-old male - have been charged with robbery in connection to the shooting death of Joshua Brantley on Wednesday according to Terrell Police.

After hearing testimony today, Judge Gray ordered the two back to the Dallas County juvenile detention center until their next hearing which has not yet been scheduled.

inForney.com has confirmed that one of the juveniles held for robbery is a relative of the deceased victim, a detail that has previously gone unreported.

The third juvenile, a 16-year-old unidentified male, who is being held on murder charges in the alleged shooting death of Brantley, was also ordered by Judge Gray to remain in protective custody. He is being held at the Van Zandt County juvenile detention center in Grand Saline.

Kaufman County does not have a juvenile detention facility.