Forney ISD

FORNEY, Texas (Forney Independent School District) — The Forney ISD Warren Middle School Cheer Squad has had a great deal of success throughout the school year. The squad’s most recent success included their achievements at the National Cheerleading Association’s (NCA) competition held in Ft. Worth, Texas on March 6 and 7.

The Warren Middle School Cheer Squad excelled at the NCA competition by winning first place in their Junior High Game Day division, outperforming most varsity teams, and being the fourth highest score of the entire High School Nationals competition. In addition, the squad also took home the award for Best Props. But perhaps the biggest award the squad won was the NCA ‘Go Be Great Award’ for their dedication and service to the Forney Community.

The NCA has a tradition of awarding the ‘Go Be Great’ award at various competitions. The ‘Go Be Great’ award is an honor that is given to a coach, cheer squad or a cheer program that goes above and beyond to make the world a better place, outside of cheerleading.

The Warren Middle School Cheer Squad won the ‘Go Be Great’ award for their outstanding service to the community of Forney. Although this season has been different than most, this team has sought to still shine their light on their school and community.

At the beginning of the school year, the girls decorated the school sidewalks with chalk. Each cheerleader wrote an inspiring and joyful message to welcome back their classmates, who had been out of school for almost six months. They decorated the halls with colorful signs reminding each student to stay safe, social distance, and wear a mask. The team wanted each student to feel a sense of normalcy with colorful signs and welcoming messages.

Recently, when the squad learned that two of their classmates had been diagnosed with Leukemia, the team stepped up to help them out. They made stickers to sell and raised funds for the families alongside the Student Council. They even went to Children’s Hospital to sing happy birthday to one of their classmates from the top of the hospital’s parking garage.

During the holidays, Warren Middle School Cheer set a goal to spread hope and joy throughout their community. For Thanksgiving they partnered with Dallas Hope Charities to create bags of hope for the homeless community. Finally for Christmas, each cheerleader wrote heartfelt Christmas cards to the troops overseas.

“These quality individuals were put together in a group, and they have empowered each other to fulfill a bigger cause more impactful than just one person could achieve,” said Warren Middle

School Cheer Coach Crysten Timbes. "Not only am I very proud of the cheerleaders they are, but also the people they are choosing to be."

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