Emma Butler Forney Library

Emma Butler, a local scout and sixth grader is passionate about bringing a library back to Forney. 

Publisher’s Note:

When our inForney.com editor, Matt Richards, first pitched the idea of our new “Good News” series to me - about local kids who are “doing good” in their community – I was immediately on board. But to be honest, I did not have high expectations.

I couldn’t have imagined the response we have received from parents, teachers and students from across the county and with each new story I am blown away by the youngsters in our community who are looking for ways to be more understanding, compassionate and inclusive. This week was no exception.

When I received an email from Emma Butler this week, a soon to be sixth grader at Crandall ISD’s Barbara Walker Elementary, I was floored.

Very rarely do we receive “Letter’s to the Editor” anymore. Even more rare, do we receive a letter that is well thought, articulate and useful. The fact that such a letter came from a young lady who is passionate about something enough to sit down and draft her thoughts for us was not only flattering, but unprecedented.

inForney.com has received countless messages and emails this year from people on both sides of the Library discussion. None have been as thoughtfully expressed as Emma’s. For that reason and countless more we asked for Emma’s permission to publish her letter in hopes that those who have the power to make a library a reality - will begin the conversation.

I hope that this piece not only fulfills Emma’s merit badge requirements as mentioned, but also inspires people of all ages to use their voice. Using that voice with clarity and conviction and you could potentially spark a conversation that does not have to be divisive or heated, but one that ignites real positive change.

Congratulations Emma! We look forward to seeing how far this letter will go to getting you a library and we anticipate reporting more of your successes in the years to come.


B. Martin, Publisher

Dear Editor at InForney.com,

It has been brought to my attention that there is no public library anymore in Forney, Texas. To me personally, this is a major problem. Reading is very important because it brings joy, it keeps us busy and makes us smarter. Not everyone can afford to buy books because they may not have enough money. If kids do not have access to books, they cannot improve their reading skills and learn, especially over the summer. It is also important to have a public library because it allows us to read a lot of different books that we might not want to purchase or that we may not have normally found.

Do you know of any future plans for Forney to build a public library? If this letter gets out to the people of Forney I believe we can work together to raise money to build the library and buy books for an amazing library in our city. The library would be a great resource to everyone in the community.

I am writing this letter to you to meet a requirement to earn my Communication merit badge for my scouting troop 1857, but this is not the only reason because this is a concern to me. I really enjoy reading and it brings me happiness to see people come together to read and enjoy libraries. Is this a concern you can bring up in your publication to raise awareness?

Thank you!

Emma Grace Butler, Troop 1857

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