Courtesy Forney High School Band, Facebook

FORNEY, Texas — No obstacle is too great for one Forney High School Marching Band member who continues to inspire his peers with his infectious personality and true determination.

"Everyone can agree that this school year has had many challenges and obstacles for students, parents, and teachers throughout our community, but it also has its highlights," read a post on the Forney High School (FHS) Band's Facebook Page. "One of those highlights focuses on one amazing student within our band program and his desire to overcome any obstacle in his way."

Micah, a Forney High School student and marching band member, is wheelchair bound but, that hasn't stopped him from chasing his dreams.

"You didn't tell Micah he couldn't do something because, if you did, he showed you he could," his grandmother commented, crediting his parents for never holding him back.

Micah's teachers and instructors couldn't agree more.

"He loves challenging himself and rising to the occasion and just pushing a little further and he has such a good spirit about it," FHS Teacher Nathan Wallard said in a video released by the band on Thursday.

"I think Micah embodies the best of us at our program in terms of his positive attitude and determination and he has risen to the challenge that we have presented him with this job," said FHS Drill Writer/Color Guard Director Casey Snead.

"He's grown in confidence and is really excited to start marching band this year and we were excited to help him make it possible," stated FHS Assistnat Band Director Erin Funk. "He's such an independent person that hes able to make solutions on his own quickly."

"Watch him move with grace and efficiency, strength, and composure its just memorizing. I couldn't be more proud of Micah and his diligence, and dedication, and his excellence in his rehearsal and performance every single day," stated Forney High School Head Band Director Cody Newman. "What an awesome student he is."

"Micah is an amazing performer, hard-working musician, has an infectious personality, and happens to be in a wheelchair. This is the inspirational story of a student who, in striving for uniformity amongst his marching band peers, has shown us what true determination and desire really look like!" continued the post on the band's Facebook Page.