FORNEY, Texas — After starting their morning fishing in Mesquite, a group of friends decided to head to Rowlett — a decision that would ultimately save a teenager's life, in a moment two groups of friends, unknown to each other, won't soon forget.

19-year-old Forney native, Dylan Webb tells inForney.com their morning of fishing started at Samuel Farms in Mesquite when, in search for better waters, they ventured to an overpass on Miller Road in Rowlett, just west of Paddle Point Park.

The location wasn't their first pick, he says, describing it as a "last minute decision."

As they were unloading their tackle and readying their reels, Webb says a vehicle of teenagers stopped on the far side of the bridge and jumped over the bridge's guardrail and into Lake Ray Hubbard.

Several of the teenagers made the swim back to shore but, Webb says, one appeared to be struggling. When he didn't resurface, he and another friend, 19-year-old Sunnyvale native Cole Flanery, jumped into action, dove over the guardrail, and began searching for the submerged teen.

Webb says the teenager was possibly under water for about three minutes when he dove, spread his hands and feet out, spun under water, and felt something hit his foot. At this point, he says, he feared he too would drown because of exhaustion.

Once surfacing with the teen from a depth of about 10 or more feet, Webb says he and Flanery pulled him to the bank, propped him on the rocks, and he began CPR — a task he learned in 8th grade.

With the help of another bystander, and their CPR efforts, the teenager began breathing but remained unconscious and unresponsive. He was transported by ambulance to an area hospital in serious condition and released after several days in an intensive care unit.

Webb and Flanery visited the teenager and his family on Wednesday. The family says doctors told them he was lucky to be alive and, if he had been under water for much longer, he may not have survived. He's now expected to make a full recovery.

"Our home is your home now," the family told Webb and Flanery.