KAUFMAN COUNTY, Texas — The Kaufman County Sheriff's Office is warning residents of a potential scam — inciting fear to prompt residents to download a third-party app to speak with police.

The sheriff's office says residents should always call 911 or the sheriff's office at (469) 376-4500 if they have an emergency. Additionally, text-to-911 services are available for mobile users in Kaufman County.

Earlier today, residents reported receiving a text message from a "neighbor" who claimed to have spoken with the sheriff's office warning of protestors going into "white neighborhoods tonight destroying property."

That message provides a fake statement from the sheriff's office and prompts the users to download the Nectar Police Video app.

"KCSO has no association with this app, and could be a scam," stated the department. "DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT TO CONTACT KCSO."

"Other content in the message claims ‘protesters’ are planning property damage in our county," stated the sheriff's office. "We believe this has been sent as a scare tactic to download the app."

"There is no indication that these claims are true," continued the statement.